MOLIK- Fairytale Children’s Catalogue

MOLIKA is an innovative library system for children’s libraries. It is designed for the youngest library users for whom using the adult on-line catalogue is difficult and discouraging. MOLIK combines service simplicity with effectiveness of the searching system. What is more, it is presented in a fairy tale world which changes time spend in the library into great fun.

The idea

The aim of MOLIK is to encourage the children to make use of a library. A unique on a world’s scale MOLIK interface draws the young readers’ attention for various reasons:

Fairytale Children’s Catalogue MOLIK in an easy way combines functions of a library catalogue with the educational software. The system arouses and stimulates interest in books among the youngest readers in keeping with the principle – learning through play.


MOLIK does not have any competition on Polish and international market in respect of user-friendliness. It is a wonderful tool by means of which we can successfully and easily browse and order library collections.

Fairytale Children’s Catalogue is in fact still a traditional systematic catalogue with a high level of substantial and editorial content. It classifies types of collections into various types of categories and subcategories.

The thing which undoubtedly differentiates children’s catalogues if obviously proper nomenclature and graphics. One of the most important advantages of the system are multimedia descriptions which give a young reader user-friendly bibliographical description in terms of graphics and content. They consist of one graphics presenting book cover, short book description and a speaker’s voice. At the moment of purchase the software includes database of more than 3000 ready bibliographic descriptions of the most popular children’s books.

Those readymade descriptions make it possible to implement the system immediately in children’s libraries without the necessity to build your own database. There is also possibility of extending the catalogue by means of adding new books’ descriptions. The librarians can give free rein to writing new short book reviews.

The youngest readers can also be engaged in this process by  writing the descriptions themselves and recording them together with a librarian.


MOLIK fully cooperates with PATRON system. In PATRON a librarian realizes and order sent from the Children’s Catalogue.

MOLIK can also work independently.  Then the orders are carried out through MOLIK.

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