Library Management System PATRON

biblioteka PATRON is a advanced library management system distinguished by modularity and configurable functionalities.
Thanks to that, in an easy way it can get adapted to work in many types of libraries with various work specifications. It operates:

Library management system PATRON is a modern IT tool designed with the highest accuracy and professionalism. Thanks to the use of innovative solutions a librarian gets system allowing her or him to manage effectively in all of the aspects of library work. It assures fluent course of realization the following tasks from the process of preparation through stocking, making holdings accessible and correspondence with the reader. This system works in libraries with many branch offices, cooperates with the central readers’ database and central database of bibliographic descriptions.

All of the activities performed by the program take place in keeping with the standards which are in force in libraries. Particular emphasis has been placed on work safety. Thanks to this the workers can safely perform tasks in keeping with their expertise without fear of exceeding their authority.