PATRON for the academic libraries

Academic libraries frequently have got quite different needs from the public libraries. PATRON system fulfils the specific requirements which stem from the target group expectations, university’s organisation, procedure of making library collections accessible as well as the way in which the are being worked out.

PATRON assures also integration with the NUKAT catalogue which gives a library many benefits:

patron dla uczelni wyższychThe characteristic feature of the academic libraries is their complicated system of making the collections accessible. Various types of collections are made accessible for various periods and for different users. At the same time, financial fines depending on collections types and reader’s categories can vary as well. All of those problems are solved by PATRON system which enables for an independent principles formulation as it comes to the popularization of books.

PATRON system has got also a multi-awarded on-line catalogue OPAC WWW. This precise tool gives many searching opportunities. PATRON allows e.g. to:

The combination of new indices and types of documents in OPAC WWW module gives a library and academy a powerful searching tool which will allow a student, researcher and a scientist to reach precisely for the required information.

OPAC WWW is facilitated with the possibility of graphic files presentation beside the bibliographic descriptions. A library thanks to this can present e.g. abstracts or table of contents which also makes it easier to get to the most valuable scientific reference books.

Our online catalogue assures also:

As a result a library is available for the reader 24/7 which is so much expected nowadays by students and library staff.

patron dla uczelni wyższych

OPAC WWW of PATRON system can be seen e.g. on the website of Łazarski’s Academy.