Library Management System PATRON system is a tool patron_logotyp_poziomywhich meets the highest requirements of both public and academic libraries. It is a flexible program for managing the biggest institutions and its holdings. Thanks to more than twenty four years of experience and following the most modern technological solutions PATRON fulfils all of the needs of even the most modern libraries. The comprehensive nature of our system makes work easier in all of the processes – from a reader to the management staff. Therefore, using holdings as well as work on them becomes both effective and pleasant. PATRON system is fully definable. We have got the possibility to adapt the program to the individual needs and preferences of a library. We approach each situation individually and thanks to that PATRON is always “tailor made”. Library’s work improvement and its more effective work to a high degree depend on the detailed initial analysis. Before we suggest an ideal solution and PATRON configuration we conduct a thorough interview thanks to which even the most sophisticated, rare and at first glance almost impossible to be fulfilled needs can be met. Thus, joining the exclusive group of libraries which have got PATRON system should be accompanied by an effective cooperation between our company and You. Such cooperation will make all of the people fully satisfied. If You have got any enquiries connected with the PATRON system of the possibility to acquire it you are kindly invited to contact one of our branch offices where the professional staff will take care of giving you the exhaustive answers to all of your questions.

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